• October 07, 2017, 19:30-21:00

In order to promote the Chinese-Australian music culture and exchange of choral music between Western Australia and China, The Perth Happy Choir (PHC) is proud to successfully invite a distinguished Chinese Conductor Mr Hu BingXu and a famous Chinese choir, FoshanTian’anJinsheng Chorus to Western Australia to jointly perform a Chinese-Australian Chorus Concert in Perth on 7th October 2017. PHC will perform with famous soloists from Western Australian Opera, and WASO Chorus together in this multicultural event. It is the first time in Western Australia, even in Australia, to have such multiple music organisations from both China and Australia performing high quality choral music together.

2017 is the 45-year Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between P.R China and Australia. This inaugural international cultural art event in Perth will not only promote and enrich choral music and culture in Perth, but also through the exchange program enhancing the cooperation and friendship between Western Australia and China. In addition, the 60 delegates of FoshanJinsheng Chorus will visit Perth and other beautiful tourist attractions in Western Australia for about 11 days thus will also contribute to promoting/boosting Western Australia tourism, hotels and related industries and bring benefit to local economy.