• May 18, 2019, 19:30-22:00

Perth Symphonic Choruss reputation has spread across Australia as one of the finest choirs in the country. Its beautiful sound as well as its meticulous preparation makes their performances radiate excellence. Join them for the first of their 2019 subscription series. 

Magnificent Bach Saturday May 18th, 7.30pm

Bach’s Magnificat is one of the most joyous choral works of all time.  The music is infectious and yet profound, the choral writing complex but memorably melodic, and the solo writing elegantly beautiful.  Like his Brandenburg Concertos, the fourth being performed in this concert by the incomparable Perth Baroque Orchestra, Bach creates virtuosic and exhilarating music that never fails to entrance the audience.

Vivaldi’s Gloria is probably the second most loved choral work, Handel’s Messiah being the favourite.  Its style is clear and tuneful, the choir clearly featured above a judiciously orchestrated accompaniment, and the arias exquisite and memorable.

This concert will indulge concert goers’ love affair with the Baroque period.  Perth Symphonic Chorus, under Dr Margaret Pride’s guidance, will present a brilliant and exciting evening in the entrancing architecture and acoustics of Winthrop Hall.

Critics plaudits:

….Trained to perfection. [Neville Cohn, 2015]

… Polished to perfection.  [Robert Markow, 2015]

… Heaven on earth. [William Yeoman, 2016]

… A heartfelt and magnificently executed tribute.  [Seesaw Magazine 2018]

Tickets $30-$69 from https://www.ticketswa.com/event/magnificent-bach

and (08) 6488 2440

See    http://www.perthsymphonicchorus.com.au          for more information or call Helen on 9246 2423