• December 06, 2015, 17:00-17:30

Notice to all members of the Annual General Meeting of
Voice Moves WA Incorporated

To be held Sunday 6th December 2015, at the Riverton Baptist Church, 38 Modillion Avenue, Shelley at the conclusion of the Christmas Choir Bash, approx. 4.45pm for a 5.00pm Meeting in the Coulson Room.

Participants from member choirs who plan to attend this meeting are asked to advise the President, Voice Moves WA Inc of their intention to do so.
Please RSVP to: thorogood@iinet.net.au.
Affiliated choirs may have one voting member attend the meeting. Additional choir members may attend and participate in the meeting, but, only the nominated voting member may move, second or vote on a motion. Proxy nominations will also be received if you are unable to attend.
Business of the meeting:
1. Attendance/Apologies.
2. Receipt and distribution of proxies.
3. Acceptance of the minutes of the AGM 2014 and Business Arising from the previous meetings:
4. Receive Annual Reports
4.1 President
4.2 Treasurer
5. Stand-down of existing Committee members & election of new Committee.
5.1 President
5.2 V President
5.3 Secretary
5.4 Treasurer
5.5 6 Committee Members
6. Date of next General Meeting.
7. Close of AGM.