AKANNA are three classical female singers who stop people in their tracks & bring audiences to their feet.
Do not expect harmony that you have heard from past. This trio is truly exceptional. Throughout the incredible blend each voice, so unique, is still heard creating constant movement within the music itself.

With incredible versatility and passion within their voices backed with amazing presence these ladies will share with you solo, duet & trio repertoire both presented accompanied and as a capella. From a “Summertime” Jazz version to Gilbert & Sullivans famous “Three Little Maids”, to “The Flower Duet” & “For Good” where AKANNA step off stage & immerse themselves into the audience to share this story with all involved, you simply will be in awe.

With technical prowess, emotional expression and singing a cross section of genres AKANNA invite you to take a journey with them experiencing the wonders of music through soaring voices reaching unbelievable heights.

They certainly will take you to a place to allow you to forget about your troubles for a time.

For more details please contact Petrina Bishop on 0409 127 282 or

email akanna@iinet.net.au

or visit their website www.akannaentertainment.com.au