• Musical Director: Kelly Newton-Wordsworth
  • Contact: Jenny Broun
  • Email: brounj@westnet.com.au
  • Audition Required: No
  • Fees Payable: Yes
  • Membership: Mixed Voices SAB

Beverley Station Singers was formed following VoiceMoves having their 2012 Country Choir Bash at the Beverley Platform Theatre. Such was the success of Beverley Station Arts hosting this outdoor bash it has become an annual event for the 2nd Saturday in September.
Singer/songwriter Kelly Newton-Wordsworth from Williams was approached in 2013 to direct a mixed small group of a dozen or so from Beverley and surrounding towns, most of whom don’t read music and practice in Beverley at the Station just once a month due to travel constraints. The Station Singers rehearse mainly well known and loved songs primarily for fun, but have the odd gig singing on ANZAC Day, Christmas concerts, local Ag show, weddings, and participate in choir festivals. Songs are arranged by Kelly in three-part harmony – alto, melody and soprano.

Type music Style: Accompanied, Popular music 60s-80s

Suburb: Beverley 1½ hours east of Perth

Rehearsal Days: Every 2nd Wednesday of the month

Contact Jenny Broun brounj@westnet.com.au