Close Harmony Choir is a group of individuals who sing for the pure passion and joy of it. We sing a cappella under the leadership of Jordan Dunne, a very experienced a cappella singer, teacher and stage performer. We are based in the Nedlands region but many of our members travel from all parts of Perth.

We deliver a haunting and harmonious four-part sound built on a broad range of songs (from Latin hymns and African spirituals to Australian originals)

Easy to learn and a delight to sing, these songs reflect personal tastes and preferences within the choir. We’re always seeking new musical experiences, new songs to sing, new people to sing with. But we value the constant things in our musical lives too; old songs and long-standing friends to sing with. Feel free to join us for a complementary taster visit.

We meet Monday evenings from 7-9pm at Drabble House in Nedlands

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