Gillian Parker began her journey in singing at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), completing a Certificate in Jazz performance, then moved into the Classical Voice performance stream. During that time Gillian performed in a Jazz ensemble and various Opera’s including “The Marriage of Figaro” with the Western Australian Opera Company, performing at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth WA. Gillian also performed in a principle role as the Mother Superior in WAAPA’s production of “Dialogue of the Carmelites”.

After leaving WAAPA, Gillian continued to perform at various special events, before stepping down to raise her family.

In 2010 Gillian began to again develop her career in voice, but as a teacher rather than a performer. Gillian searched for a technique that would help her students become the best they could be, and found “The Institute for Vocal Advancement”(IVA).

IVA is an organisation teaching teachers everything they need to know about the voice and how to create an even sound with access to all dynamics and tone quality, as well as smoothing out their passages so they can sing in a free and easy manner with no noticeable breaks or changes in their tone.  The aim of the technique is to bring balance, evenness and control to all aspects of the voice, no matter what style a person is singing.

Gillian’s students notice immediate changes in their vocal quality with accelerated improvement to all aspects of their voice including releasing tension, building stamina, smoothing out their passages, developing vibrato, improved vocal quality across all styles of music.

Gillian continues to train with a vocal coach as part of her ongoing certification with IVA. This training helps Gillian to experience continual growth and a greater understanding of her voice.

“You can’t take a person where you haven’t been yourself”