• Contact: Kelvin Reeves
  • Phone: 08 97218717
  • Email: ishuni.d@gmail.com
  • Audition Required: NA
  • Membership: Closed Group

Take three talented voices, each individually skilled soloists:

one pure, crystal soprano
one soaring, vibrant tenor
one earthy, resonant ‘tenalto’

then blend…

the  sound  happens ~ with finesse of silk, intricacy of cultural pattern, warmth of velvet… more than a hint of African spice and Irish lilt…

Impacts on the audience with a frisson of something new, thrilling and definitely unique…

This is ISHUNI

Inspiring harmonies, an extraordinarily unique voice-blend, crisp, stylish delivery and music to SIGH for, also including haunting African rhythms and Irish cadences.

Ishuni is an exciting trio, comprising Kayeleen Russell (Soprano), Kelvin Reeves (Tenor) and Lesley Bultitude-Paull (‘Tenalto’).

Created early in 2007, the trio has now been singing together for 8 years. Each member has extensive choral and solo experience from varying and exceptionally broad musical backgrounds. They have developed a blend and style of singing both unusual and original. Their repertoire is highly personalised and forms an eclectic collection that cannot be categorised be any single genre.

Ishuni, the name…

Why the name ‘Ishuni’? The word is from the Zulu language and means ‘Melody’.

In reality, it is reasonably certain that the Zulu word is an adaptation of ‘tune’ in English. Originally, its Zulu adaptation would probably have started out as ‘Ituni’, but undoubtedly softened off with continued usage to ‘Ishuni’.

As a trio we are all about adaptation, hence it seemed a comfortable fit for our name.

Contact details 08 97218717, reevesmusic.net/ishuni.html

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